Energy certificate

What is an energy certificate?

It is essential certified to sell or rent a property, reports on energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property that is advertised for sale or rent. It is mandatory since June 2013 is mandatory in Spain from 1 June 2013 to rent or sell a property or premises, by Royal Decree 235/2013.

The responsibility for obtaining this energy certificate is homeowner, who must hire a certification service technician for their energy certificate.

The content of the energy certificate is summarized in the energy label . This label, like this energy label appliances appearance indicates the ratings of emissions and consumption that the property was obtained in the energy certificate in a color scale ranging from A, the most efficient, to G the less efficient.

The energy rating indicated on the energy certificate must appear in any advertisement or publicity event the property.

The owner must provide their energy certificate to real estate agents and include it in your ad on real estate portals.

The energy certificate at the time of signature

In case of sale of a property owner must deliver the energy certificate to the buyer. In addition, the energy certificate must be included in the contract.

If rent is to be displayed and provide a copy of the energy certificate to the tenant. the energy certificate when depositing bail of a rent in the appropriate official agency will also be required.

Fines for rent or sell without energy certificate

Sell ​​or rent without having energy certificate is a violation and is punishable by fines ranging from 300 to 600 €

Law 8/2013 of 26 June, establishes penalties for non-compliance of energy certification.

These sanctions are divided into three groups depending on the severity of the offense. Since not to mention the energy rating obtained in ads of the property for sale or rent, to sell without having done the energy certificate or falsify the outcome.

  • Minor offenses, with amounts will be fined between 300 € to 600 €.
  • The serious violations carry fines associated 601 € to 1000 €.
  • The very serious offenses carry penalties of € 1001 to € 6000.

How is the energy certificate

The energy certificate is a report consisting of several pages. It contains a wealth of information on the orientation, the situation, the envelope, lighting and energy production systems of the building.

On the first page of the energy certificate containing general information about the property, in addition to certifying technical data. At the bottom is the global energy rating of the property indicates, in terms of emissions of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It is expressed on a scale from A to G.

This rating appears on the label of energy efficiency, energy certificate when you register. rating power consumption (kW h / m2 • year) indicated in Annex II of this report will also appear on the energy label.

In addition to this first page, the report has four annexes disclose the information:

  • Annex I, describes the thermal characteristics of the building.
  • Annex II, breaks down the energy rating of the property in the rating of the different demands and energy consumption.
  • Annex III concerning recommendations for improvement.
  • Annex IV, the technician describes the tests, verifications and inspections carried out during the data collection process.

Photo report

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