Our strategy

Our real estate content marketing is to provide customers with valuable information to help them make a decision on the purchase, sale or lease of any property or property. personalized and quality information transmitted before meeting the potential client. Once in office we select and filter end.

We have a team of real estate agents trained, motivated and forward . In his personal marketing plans take time to write and design guides, reports or e-books to offer personalized way to your customers all the information to avoid mistakes when buying or selling decline.

Our mission is to provide our customers the whole process of sale, transfer, rent, as well as help in all sales services that our new customer could sue.

We highlight the properties to capture the attention of customers, but do not usually call the owner, unless there is an interested customer and it has passed our filters.

No rent or ensure immediate sale, but  if we ensure that your home is important to us. 

The relationship does not end with cherryhouse sale or rent, but continues, so that our customers always have the open doors of our office.